Anise Terrace, Anise Hotel, Phnom Penh

Granted, having lunch in my hotel was a bit of a lightweight option on my first day in Cambodia however in my defence a) it was ridiculously hot (37°c) b) I had spent the morning at the Killing Fields which is a sombre appetite suppressant and c) I was wiped out with jetlag. One of the main attractions of the terrace was the shaded area surrounded by palms, this combined with the overhead fans and the Billie Holiday being played on the sound system as opposed to the pan pipe/harp hell that invades my ears in many other asian restaurants made it my number one choice!

I opted for the ginger chicken with jasmine rice. I quickly learnt that in Cambodia you get exactly what it says on the menu. In the UK ginger chicken tends to contain maybe onions or peppers or some kind of veg. Not in Phnom Penh, if it says ginger chicken, you get chicken with ginger. End of. That said, it was very tasty, with a nice crunchy bite on the ginger for texture and the right amount of fire without burn. The jasmine rice was nice and fluffy so all in all for $5 who am I to complain?!

The rest of the menu is pretty evenly split between asian influenced dishes and western food, I guess to cater for the tourist crowd as well as those on a more long term travels who want a taste of home. I wouldn’t recommend going out of your way to find this place but if you’re nearby and need food it’s a safe bet. 10% of all profit goes to a local childrens orphanage charity which makes you feel good whilst you eat; it’s not often that eating can make you feel virtuous so it would have seemed rude not to make the most of it!


Nº 2C, St 278 off 57, Beoung Keng Kang I, Chamkamorn, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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