Bellevue Rendezvous

Bellevue Rendezvous is actually one of my closest local restaurants so I’ve spent a fair amount of time there. Although this means I may be a little biased it also means I can vouch for its consistency.

Stephanie and Pablo are a fantastic French couple who own and run the restaurant. Whilst Stephanie masters front of house Pablo cooks up a storm in the kitchen. I love that the menu is always comparatively simple, offering up traditional French fare.

Designed to feel cosy and a little rustic, the grey gingham theme, flower murals, candles and olives on the table transport you several hundred miles away from the middle of Wandsworth to the French countryside. That said, in the last couple of months, whilst the quality of food remains high, there has been a clear focus on presentation resulting in more interesting visuals.

On this visit I started with foie gras terrine with onion chutney served on a wooden board. The texture was excellent and the slightly bitter greasiness of the foie gras was tempered perfectly by a textured, sweet, dark onion chutney. The scallops with saffron ravioli also looked excellent.

Main course was the traditonal bavette aux echalottes. Okay so it’s not the world’s greatest cut of steak but if it’s good enough for the French………… Sauteed potatoes are just the right side of salty and deliciously naughty slicked in butter and herbs. Other regular options include confit of duck or boeuf bourgignon.

Dessert is always chocolat fondant. I’m sure the other BRV desserts are all lovely but they just fade into the background when faced with the melting middle pudding. It’s worth every minute of the 15 minutes it takes to be cooked (and it least this also means it’s cooked to order). A really, really chocolatey melting middle is encased by a borderline crunchy melt-in-the-mouth outer. On this occasion it was due to be served with raspberry sorbet but unfortunately they were all out so strawberry ice cream it had to be.

If you really can’t wait 15 minutes and you’re dining a deux I recommend choosing a plate of cheese to share from the magnificently varied cheese board (always over 20 cheeses) then share the dessert when it arrives.

With a wine list focusing on French (quelle surprise) and varying in price from a half litre of barrel wine to £100+ bottles there is something for everyone and something for every dish. A variety of wines, including dessert wines, are available by the glass if you can’t manage a bottle (unlikely I know but at least the option is there)

I also never tire of their novel approach to a service charge on the menu: “12.5% will be added to rude people’s bills“, I’ve never been charged it yet but have always willingly added it.

I will be back….

UPDATE 2014: Pablo and Stephanie sold the restaurant and are now involved in the bar & deli Printers & Stationers in E2. I tried to go back to Bellevue Rendezvous under the new owners but got a pretty rude reception when I went in to try and book so haven’t been back sadly.

Bellevue Rendezvous
218 Trinity Road
London, SW17 7HP
+44(0)20 876 7 5810

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