The First Post…….

Hello. Welcome.
It feels a little odd writing that when I know no one can read this yet but who knows, maybe once I unleash Sybaricious into the cyberworld someone might find my greeting.

I have been writing notes about favourite foods, meals and drinks for some time and keep hold of treasured menus but I had never thought about recording it all in a blog.
Then a few months ago a friend of mine started a fabulous foodie blog (visit it, it’s great: and I wondered why I had never thought of it before.

So what can you expect?
The vast majority of the blog will be food & drink related but I can’t promise that there won’t be the odd bit of travel or photography thrown in for good measure just to spice things up. After all to a true sybarite the surroundings are surely part of the experience too.

I hope that things I post may prompt response and even debate as I definitely don’t think that my opinion is the only one or the “right” one. Food and drink are so subjective and I love getting other people’s perspective on the topic. If I reckon I’ve found the best example of something and you disagree, tell me!

Perhaps the best way to introduce myself is to give a list of some of my loves and hates……

Some of my favourite things (warning: these may crop up on more than one occasion)
Lychee martinis
Melting middle chocolate puddings
Foie gras parfait/terrine
Dessert wine
Blue cheese
Anything pork related
Beef Wellington
Good red Bordeaux

Things I hate:
Cheap chocolate
Oaked white new world wines

Stick with me for a bit and enjoy the ride. I promise that the journey can only get better!
Bon appetit,


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