Encore Une Fois/Foie!

(Belated) Happy New Year! Welcome 2012! New Year Resolutions firmly in place so here I am back for a second ham-fisted attempt at this blogging malarkey (Look at me,  I’ve got a porcine reference into the first paragraph without even mentioning food yet, that’s got to be a good omen?)

Several things have kept me away from this blog including sheer laziness, a best friend on a big diet (resulted in waaaay less eating out in 2011- well done to newly svelte H) and lack of time, all in no particular order. 

Equally, various things have brought me back; lots of nice meals and plenty of travel booked into the diary, so many new(ish) eateries that I want to try, 2012 good intentions  and a revitalised interest in Twitter, social media and the myriad of amusing but generally time-wasting exploits it entails. Added to that the fact that someone I recently went on a date with did a bit of internet-based ‘research’ on me beforehand and found this self-same very out of date blog, not sure who was more embarrassed- me for letting it get so out of date or him for having been caught cyberstalking but that’s another story…

So, second time lucky, would be great to hear what you think once I get up and running again!



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