Zeal Two Step Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew

One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to take the time to resolve the small, seemingly insignificant obstacles in life that annoy me to an unnecessary degree but ought not to. You know the sort of things I mean, those loops they put in clothes to ‘help’ hang them up but which stick out when you’re wearing them- snip them out. Never having a friend’s address to hand when you need it because you haven’t saved it into your phone and its on a bit of paper at home – spend an hour programming them all in. Small changes that make every day life a little easier.

It’s not often that I post on here about gadgets and home ware but one little wine gadget has made such a New Year’s change to my wine drinking that I thought I’d share.

People have always (rather unreasonably in my opinion) scoffed at my complete inability to use a waiter’s friend to open wine. I could never quite get the leverage or the strength to pull the cork all the way out without using a big double armed creation and I always ended up feeling like a lemon having to ask a ‘big strong man’ to do it for me. No more, my friends, no more…..


Some little genius has come up with the Two Stepped Waiter’s Friend Corkscrew  so that the levery bit (that’s a technical term by the way) which you lean on the glass bottle rim is stepped. You use the longer one whilst the cork is further in and then switch to the shorter one once its half way out. For around seven pounds its a game changer. 

 I realise there’s a significant chance that I may be coming to the party rather late on this one and preaching to the converted as since I bought mine I have seen others on offer (from Le Creuset and Vacuvin although at well over double the price) but it was a complete revelation to me. Add to the fact that mine is pink and I’m very happy indeed (you don’t have to have a pink one by the way!)

The people (“The Hardware Place”) that I bought it from via Amazon were also utterly lovely, I ordered it on Boxing Day and received a personal email confirming my colour choice and that it would be posted the following day, now that is service! 

So, who’s for wine?


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